It’s natural to plan ahead. We plan vacations, weddings, birthday parties and holiday gatherings. But when it comes to talking about dying, we generally shy away from end-of-life conversations because they can be emotionally challenging.


A sad, but unavoidable fact of life is that none of us will live forever.


Yet discussing this subject early on allows everyone involved to be more comfortable and confident before, during and after a loved one’s passing. Planning a funeral or memorial at the time of need without valuable guidance can be a stressful experience as emotions run high and important decisions loom.



Q: What is funeral cover?




Funeral cover is taken out to provide for a specific event: your own funeral or that of a loved one. Generally funeral policies pay out a lump sum quite quickly, often within 48 hours of receiving a valid claim, to a person or people that you nominate. This amount can then be used to transport family to the funeral, or the deceased to the place of burial. You can also use this money to pay for things like the funeral tent, catering for attendees, airtime so you can arrange the event, plus the casket, flowers and tombstone.


Q: Why consider Funeral Cover?




  • Financial support

We can never predict when it is our time, but what you do have control over is ensuring that your family is not burdened with a costly expense while they are bereaved. Funeral Cover will help take an additional load from your family’s shoulders during a difficult time.


  • Cover for your family

You can ensure that the rest of your family are covered under your funeral policy, including your spouse, your children, as well as parents and aunts or uncles.


  • Funeral arrangements


Death can come as a great shock to you or your family members, and extra assistance is often needed during this challenging time to sort out funeral arrangements. Certain cover providers will help with the burial arrangements and provide trauma counselling for the bereaved.


Q:  When should you get Funeral Cover?



Funeral Cover can be taken out for people between the ages of 18 and 65. Some insurers may provide additional cover for seniors over the age of 65, but this will differ from one to the next.


Q: Who do you need to include in your Funeral Cover?



Will the Funeral Cover be just for you, or will you need to cover a spouse, children or even older parents and grandparents? Speak to your family members to find out if they have Funeral Cover and, if they do, how much cover do they have.


Q: How much can you afford on a month-to-month basis?



Calculate how much you are able to pay each month for Funeral Cover once you have deducted expenses, including debt repayments and living expenses. How much you can afford will determine the type of Funeral Cover that is best suited for your budget. Also, remember that that your premiums could be increased annually by the insurer.


Q: What do you want the Funeral Cover policy to cover?



Do you want additional benefits, such as monthly payments, to be made to your dependents upon your death, such as help with paying for groceries and expenses for a fixed period, bereavement counselling, emergency medical support, or a memorial benefit? Some additional benefits may already be included in your cover, so it is best to check and to find out what additional payments may be required. Sometimes the cover taken out may not be sufficient to cover all the costs associated with a funeral, including the undertaker, catering and the venue hire.


Q: What are the ages of the dependents you want included?



Legal limits apply on the amount of cover that can be purchased for children and some insurers may also apply their own cover limits.


The legal limits are:


  • A child under six: A maximum of R10 000 cover
  • A child between six and 13: A maximum of R30 000 cover.


The inclusion of extended family could also be subject to cover limits, so it’s best to find out what level of cover you will receive for your dependents.


Q: When is Funeral Cover cover paid out?




There will be certain waiting periods that you need to be aware of when submitting a claim:


  • Death from an accident: Pay-out is generally made within a 48-hour period
  • Death from an illness: Some funeral covers may apply a six-month waiting period
  • Death from a suicide: There may be a waiting period of two years in the event of a suicide.


Q: What isn’t covered under Funeral Cover?




It is important to understand what may not be covered in your policy. In some instances, your funeral cover may not be paid out if:


  • You or the family member covered by the policy was killed when engaging in a criminal activity
  • If there was a death in the event of war, public disorder, rioting, or invasion of foreign enemies
  • If you have claimed for a death that did not actually take place
  • If you have stopped paying your premiums, even though you may have paid for many years previously.


At Verve Financial Solutions we provide the following funeral cover;


  • Comprehensive
  • Limited
  • Third Partly


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